UI/UX Designer

LUX Design Challenge 2015

LUX Design Challenge

"We are looking to design and build an educational, native iPad app that explores exponential technologies. Exponentials are considered groundbreaking new technologies that are changing their respective industries. The app is also exploring the companies that are behind these technologies and how they are all linked together and how they influence additional “exponential” technologies."



User Personas (3)

Design Student - The student is curious about technology and wants to learn more about it and eventually implement it to his/her own projects. There is a real potential to implement new technologies and apply it academically. 

Startup entrepreneur - An enterpreneur wants to be the first in utlizing the emerging tech. There is real value in this technology in his/her own business

Tech enthusiast - Typically working in a field that is outside of any ties to Expoenential tech. However, is an avid reader and curious about the latest tech trends coming out of the woodwork.


User Journey


Design Schematics