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Mini Home

Mini-Home living


Project Background: A couple of friends of mine were looking for a place to live that would fit their personalities and life-style. Living in an apartment or house was not something they were interested in, instead they wanted to explore the country in comfort. In the summer of 2014, they bought a 1965 GMC Greyhound bus that they wanted to convert into a cozy home.

Since, I've had previous experience designing residential spaces, they wanted me to design the interior layout.  

The project did have it's unique challenges:

  1. Space. The space was very narrow (7' 3/4" x 6 3/4").
  2. Weight. Equal weight distribution was vital because it was a mobile. 
  3. Openness. The clients wanted to retain as much window open space as possible so covering the windows in any way was to be avoided.
  4. Fire Safety. Providing access to three exits one on each side of the vehicle was mandatory.
  5. Water. Separate water from electrical, water drainage.

The client wanted to live in a space that felt like home instead of a RV. That meant that I was to design their home with their vision in mind. After speaking to the client for weeks on end helped me understand their vision. They were keen on keeping a rustic charm just as show in the image on the right. More information on the design can been accessed here.