Project Brief:

The beauty industry is vast and yet there's no sense of community. Achieving professional experience is challenging and requires experts to have a body of work and the ability to network.


Our Solution:

Beauty Buddy is a product built for beauty experts who want share their greatest work and book meetings at the same time.

My Role:

User Experience Designer, User Researcher and UI Designer



User Research

Our UX team conducted user interviews locally within General Assembly. We had freelancers, beauty experts and personal trainers come in and share their experiences. We targeted those users because they all shared a similar experience in their process. Beauty Experts work as freelancers, they gain work through networking,  referrals and job postings. In addition, they manage clients, contracts and scheduling in a similar fashion. We were interested in how they achieved these tasks and learn about  any pain-points that needs to be addressed.

Beauty Expert
We interviewed a more veteran beauty expert who does part-time work for the film industry. We learned that networking  is how majority of beauty experts gain work. There are also times where they have so much work they have to pass-up do to over booking. When that issue occurs, they pass that the work along to other experts. They build their network with clients as wel as other expertise  using this process. We also learned that depending on the industry they work for and how many projects they have in their body of work a portfolio will need to be displayed appropriately. For example, if someone is new to the field and they are not specialized in a specific area such as film, their portfolio should demonstrate their best work in a grid layout. However, after years of experience having a portfolio categorized with help them gain work in a specific industry. 

Personal Trainer
We interviewed a personal trainer (shown above) who was already using a Client Management System mobile app. Our team sat with the user and analyzed his user journey by asking him to go through the his typical day while showing us how he uses his software. 

We learned that the app had many useful features that helped him schedule meetings and connect with clients if they wanted to change their meeting time. However, there was one pain point and it involved him not associate the clients name with their face. After some time, his client list grew to a point where he couldn't remember what they looked like and that made communication a bit challenging.


Survey Results

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

User Personas

Our main user persona is Shelly Madison.

 She's the ideal user because she represents the thousands of up-in-coming artists who are building their career from the ground up. Networking and learning how to manage clients is such a vital role in their success. Therefore, Beauty Buddy is the ideal package for their careers.

Sketching and Brainstorming with the team

Website Architecture

My team and I created sitemap and a user a user flow prior to designing the wireframes. This allowed us to have the structure and the site content at a solid place prior to design.


The initial wireframes were formed on a whiteboard. This was the best way for the team to fine-tune the UX and the UI.


On boarding screens

Portfolio Tool /  Calendar


Annotated Design Mockup

Beauty Buddy Prototype