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Art Class app

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Educate beginner, intermediate and advanced artists at the convenience at their own homes while providing high-level education from talented artists and instructors.



It’s difficult to find quality art education unless you live in a major city. Even then, you will need to pay high prices and meet at inconvenient times in order to achieve a guided art education. 


The Goal

This application will help artists at all levels receive the guided, step-by-step education from anywhere. Students can learn learn art techniques or gain knowledge with art history. Not only will students receive training with all media, but will also learn the background and history behind the techniques and the artists who inspired them.


Target Users

The application is mainly focused on a range of people who want to pursue the arts. I wanted to take into account all levels of expertise, from amateur all the way to expert level. I defined the user personas based on my own and some of my art friend’s wants and needs.

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As an Amateur artist . . .

I would like to learn how to draw at my own pace, so that I can feel comfortable with my progress and not feel pressured to present good work.

I want attention and support for my work so that I can feel comfortable and confident with my progress.

I want to gain techniques so that I work towards displaying my work at a portfolio review.

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As an Intermediate artist . . .

I would like to learn how to develop my techniques and have a better understanding of the reasoning behind them.

I would like to learn a bit of history behind the techniques and develop a deeper connection with what I’m drawing.

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As an Advanced artist…

I want to diversify my techniques so that I can push my work to a higher level.

I want a best in class instructor because I’m seeking to advance specific skills that only a few instructors can teach.

I want to improve my techniques so that I can show my work at gallery one day.



Key Features

The app’s flow takes into account a number of key features such as . . .

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The wireframes help establish overall layout and define functionality based on our user stories


Mood Board


This mood board is aimed to reflect a clean, fun design and professional app that is photo-centric.


Fonts & Colors









Main Screens


The final screens represent the key features that address specific user goals and needs.

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Sign up for a class

Users can sign up to a wide range of classes based on the art media, style and technique.



Learn about Instructors

Discover instructors and learn about their expertise, body of work, inspirations and student work.

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Follow Art Lessons

Each class will have a top-rated instructor who will guide students with step-by-step instructions on a number of projects.



View Student Gallery

Users can view other student work and build a connection and build their network.

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Monitor Progress

Students can view classes they are taking and monitor their progress.